Elevate Your Email Experience

Discover the benefits of email masking – more than just safeguarding your address from unwelcome eyes.

Convenience and Organization

Assign different masked emails for different purposes (online shopping, newsletters, social media, etc.), making it easier to organize and prioritize your inbox.

Identity Protection

By not sharing your real email, you reduce your exposure to potential identity theft and the ability for hackers to track you across different online services.

Customization and Control

Create and delete masked emails as needed so you can stop receiving emails from specific sources. It’s a level of control that’s not possible with a traditional email address.

Easy To Use

Create new masked email addresses with a click! We’ll create a unique address for you whenever you need it, and you can start using it immediately.

Extra Security*

Enable authentication verification to ensure the email you receive is being sent by authorized users.

Send & Reply*

You can send and reply using your masked email address, which means you never have to expose your real email when communicating with strangers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a masked email address?
Why am I getting email from some weird address @dlvr2.me?
Can I report someone who is abusing (sending spam, harassing, etc.) dlvr2.me?
Why should I use masked email addresses?
Why haven’t I received any email from my masked email addresses?

It is also possible that the email was not addressed directly to you. In the instance that your email address does not appear in the list of recipients of an email message, it is not possible for us to reliably deliver the message, since we don’t know who it is really meant for.

Why haven’t messages I have sent from my masked address been delivered?
Can I reply to messages from my masked email addresses?
Can I send email from my masked email addresses?
How am I allowed to use dlvr2.me?
Does dlvr2.me forward attachments?
What is “authentication verification?”
What happens when I delete a masked email address?
Can I CC or BCC someone when replying or sending an email?
Can I send an email to multiple recipients?



10 Email Masks

Receive unlimited email

No sending or replying

No authentication verification


100 Email Masks

Receive unlimited email

Send & reply, up to 100/day

Authentication verification


100 Email Masks

Receive unlimited email

Send & reply, up to 100/day

Authentication verification